Cubbyhole: Your Rainbow Neighborhood Bar

Don’t go to New York City’s Cubbyhole expecting to pick up a date. The mostly female clientele, of varying ages, are having too much fun laughing with their friends or picking a song out on the jukebox to pay attention to lustful wallflowers. Do, however, grab your favorite t-shirt and pair of jeans, a few good friends (gentlemen welcome– as long as they like Madonna), and prepare to kick back a few at one of the coziest, friendliest drinking holes around.

The decor at the aptly-named bar is… colorful. Windcatchers, umbrellas, chandeliers, fake flowers, and marionettes hang from the ceiling, making you feel as if you’ve entered some strange underground dungeon where the lone female bartender pours drinks faster than the crowd can order them. Which, after 10 pm on a Saturday night when the place gets quite crowded, is pretty impressive. Despite the close quarters, no one seems to mind the lack of elbow room.

When I visited, people were happy to share opinions and credits around the jukebox (playing songs such as Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You’ve Been Gone” and Madonna’s “Die Another Day”). I even saw one woman hand another a dollar bill, saying, “Take it! I’m not going to use it!” Everywhere I turned, people were laid-back, having fun, and wearing whatever was comfortable. Speaking of which, bring the cliched practical shoes, because once it gets busy, it’s standing room only. It’s too loud to do proper talking, but the good spirit is palpible at any decibel.

Overall: YYYYY (out of five)
Prices: Reasonable for NYC ($6 for a potent G&T)
Atmosphere: Upbeat, friendly, fun
Dress code: Casual
Great place to bring your… Friends for an after-work drink & catch-up session
The place is easy to spot at the corner of West 4th and West 12th, as long as the intersection of those two streets doesn’t confuse the bejesus out of you.


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