Tabard Inn Restaurant

The Tabard Inn feels old and formal, yet comfortable and well-run. Walking in, you find yourself in a small front room with several sofas that outdate Britney Spears. Here you can watch hotel guests as they come and go. It’s a classy place, and some of the guests are indeed in suits and skirts. But for the most part, the hotel guests are average people visiting the fine city of D.C., if only somewhat smarter for having booked a room at the Tabard Inn instead of some enormous cookie cutter hotel.

Walking towards the restaurant, you venture into a dark sitting room off of the main corridor. The room is quite dark, making it cool in the summer’s heat. There is also a fireplace, however, and it requires little imagination to it blazing away against the forces of a blustery and cold winter’s day.

The Tabard Inn’s menu is printed up daily. It’s probably a terrible waste of paper, but trees would forgive the sin if they could see these incredible concoctions:

  • Toasted Pecan Waffles with ginger-rhubarb compote and cinnamon whipped cream
  • Scrambled Eggs with cherries, apricots, ginger and sour cream
  • Glidden Point Oysters on the half shell, with classic mignonette. (These incredibly fresh-tasting oysters are diver-harvested in the icy cold waters off the coast of Damariscotta, Maine and delivered exclusively to the Tabard Inn.)
  • Quiche with grilled salmon, red onions, roasted peppers, spinach, scallions and fontina cheese – – served with mixed greens

and their most famous dish:

  • Tabard’s Own Freshly Fried Doughnuts
    with cinnamon sugar and vanilla whipped cream half dozen

Everything served was fresh and deliciously simple. Much like the place itself.

Overall: YYYY (out of five)
Prices: Reasonable for D.C., excellent given the quality.
Atmosphere: Proper.
Dress code: Your nicest casual.
Great place to bring your… significant other’s parents for a place that feels special, but isn’t out of this world pricey. (But don’t forget to make a reservation.)
1739 N Street between 17th & 18th


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