Cambridge Common

Halfway between Porter Square and Harvard Square on Mass Ave, you can find the cozy yet hip Cambridge Common. With a tap list as long as your arm, great service, and tasty food, it’s a place that demands repeat visits.

The standard Spinach Artichoke dip is delicious, as to be expected. What’s surprising, though are the homemade baked pita chips along side it.
Yummy in the tummy and easy on the pocket at $5.95.

(And you’ll be licking the plate.)

Fried calamari are something I normally avoid at a bar, since they tend to be rubbery and mostly tasteless. But when a friend of mine ordered these, the look of delight on her face convinced me to try them.
Tender, juicy, and totally worth it at $7.95.

Fried pickles. Not something you normally see on a menu. After a few beers to reduce our inhibitions, we worked up the nerve to order them. Everyone laughed when we did, but sure enough, once they were on the table, everyone wanted a taste. While it’s not something I would order regularly, the combination of the dill pickles, spicy beer batter, and chipotle mayo totally rewarded our exploratory culinary efforts.
Fun at the table for $4.95.

If delicious bar food and excellent beer isn’t your thing, Cambridge Common also serves up some frilly yet deadly martinis and a nice variety of standard salads. Great for going out with friends, or even– over brunch, perhaps –a casual morning-after date. (Don’t worry, if your nerves are still getting the better of you, even in daylight, their “Uncommon Bloody Mary” should put you alright again.)

Overall: YYYY (out of five)
Prices: Cheap– less than $10 for a main course that’ll fill you up.
Atmosphere: Easy going, with a little sports mania near the (muted) TVs.
Dress code: Jeans. T-shirt. Empty stomach.
Great place to bring your… best friend.
1667 Mass Ave (about a ten-minute walk south of Porter)


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  1. Hey Sarah! I just wanted to thank you for your sweet e-mail and for linking to me from your blog (which is awesome, by the way). Ironically, my boyfriend and I eat at Cambridge Common almost every weekend, and I second your recommendation that it’s a solid, reliably good place for inexpensive, yummy food. If you haven’t tried their sweet potato fries, you absolutely must!

    Thanks again!

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