Cider Donut Fantasy

It is a crisp fall afternoon. A clear blue sky reigns overhead, as a brisk wind blows around your ankles, warning of winter.

The leaves are in piles of colors around your feet, and give a satisfying swunch when you walk through them.

You find yourself longing for something sweet and tart. Suddenly your nose picks up the smell of something frying. You follow the scent and find yourself in front of a man and a small frying machine.

The machine cranks, and a circle of dough falls into the boiling oil below. It floats for a moment, then flips over to reveal a sizzling golden brown exterior. A few seconds later, the man has scooped it into a bowl of cinnamon and sugar. He coats the donut, puts it in a bag, and hands it to you.

Before you have time to think, the donut is already in your mouth. The tart apple flavors mix with the sweet and crispy outside, and it is a fall fantasy on your tongue.

Candy canes have nothing on this.

Find the taste of fall at Wilson Farms, Lexington, Massachusetts.


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  1. This is my jealous face!

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