Perfectly Pasta

What glorious fun, to make your own pasta!

As simple as sugar cookies (but far more fun), making your own pasta is a great way to turn dinner at home into an Evening Event! You will, unfortunately, need a pasta machine, but the good news is that if you buy one, your popularity amongst friends and co-workers will increase exponentially as they all want to get in on the fun.

Simple pasta dough recipes abound, but the basic gist is this: mix flour and egg together to form a dry, yet flexible dough. Roll through the machine at a fairly wide setting. Roll thinner. Roll thinner. And thinner yet! If you want to get really exciting, don’t cut the dough as you keep rolling it. This will leave you with an exceptionally long amount of pasta, requiring more and more hands and therefore more participation.

Eventually, you settle on a good thickness and run the pasta through the cutter, making linguine or spaghetti or whatever your heart desires. Let dry for a bit, if you like. Then throw into a pot of bolling water and cook until al dente (about three or four minutes).

Serve with your favorite tomato sauce, a good bottle of wine, and several hungry friends.


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  1. You can do it like they did in the old country- with a rolling pin and a lot of patience.

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