The Wheels on the Bus Go… faster, cheaper, and with WiFi?

We interrupt this mostly-food, a little bit travel blog to bring you some very important travel information:

Greyhound Bus company (you know, the one with the over-priced tickets, slow buses, overbooked coaches– essentially hell on wheels) has placed an application for redemption. It’s called BoltBus.

BoltBus will go between Boston & NYC and NYC & DC and will feature:

+ guaranteed seats
+ fares starting at $1
+ WiFi internet
+ power outlets
+ more legroom

(I think they had me at “guaranteed seats.”)

The catch to all of this? You have to buy your tickets online. (Riiiight…)

Reference: “Here comes the bus,” Boston Globe, March 10, 2008


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  1. It’s Rebecca (with the Wrap Cardi, from I’ve only one one commission, and it was more of a trade–I knit a shrug for a woman who makes these amazing animal puppets, and she made a puppet based on my pet rabbit. In theory, I would take commissions, but in practice it’s tricky because knitting adult garments by hand takes so much time, and not many people would be willing to pay even minimum wage for that time. That’s why the puppet/shrug trade worked so well–we were both trading a big chunk of time.

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