Soyjoy = Soysad

The commercials for this soy-based nutrition bar are catchy, quirky, and artistically reminiscent of The Yellow Submarine.  I was so sure that the product was targeted to people like me– young, on-the-go, eco-savvy, etc –that when I received one as SWAG recently, I was almost sure it would taste good.

Cautiously nibbling at the raisin almond bar, though, I was incredibly disappointed. It was dry and powdery-tasting, and broke off into flavorless chunks that were hard to get down.

A friend near me saw me make a face. “Lemmie try that,” he said.

Without saying a word, I handed it over and watched as he took a big bite. His eyes went wide.

“Uhmgh! This is terrible!” He choked his bite down and quickly handed the bar back over to me. “Why they heck do they taste so bad?”

I turned the package over:

Ingredients: Whole Soybean Powder, Raisin, Butter (from milk), Sugar, Almond, Egg, Maltodextrin (natural fiber source), Dried Papaya, Dried Pineapple, Dried Cranberry, Cacao, Salt, Parmesan Cheese (from skim milk), Natural Flavors.

Not sure why they tasted so bad, but what shocks me is that the bar wasn’t vegan. Butter? Egg? Cheese? I mean, if I had to come up with a target population for a soy-based nutrition bar, vegans would definitely be it!

At least these bars have the advantage of being gluten-free, but then again, so do the Larabars, and they has the advantage of actually tasting like food.


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