Kale is a Four-Letter Word

I’m a little scared of kale. Mostly, my experiences thus far with kale include it as a saute ingredient. Which is, you know, fine. Except that sometimes it’s still tough and chewy. And it tastes so… healthy.

But now I have a weekly farm share. Ergo, there is kale. Ergo, I was getting nervous: Do I face my fear of TMJ or risk the guilt of wasting food?

Then my friend Aliza introduced me to the concept of kale chips.

Still a little wary, I resolved to give it a shot.

They are delicious. Salty, crispy, crunchy— but not chewy! I recommend fooling around with the spices you add; curry, chili powder, salt & pepper, various herbs, etc are all quite yummy.


5 Responses

  1. Good morning Sarah. Glad you like the Kale Chips and thanks for visiting. It is always nice to wake up and see that other foodies have been enjoying the site.

    You led me to find “I Heart Kale” as well and the Potato and Kale Casserole looks intriguing.

    Thank you,

    Bill at World Famous Recipes

  2. You have been awarded a WordPress.com Hosted Weblog Award.

    Winner award code is here:


    Thank you,

  3. yay, this is so exciting! i saw your post on facebook and then checked it out here. glad you liked the chips. aren’t they yummilicious? we need to have a kale chip party! hope your classes are going well and i get to see you again soon. i didn’t know you had a blog- now i will read it.

    did you really win a weblog award?

  4. Apparently I did! And yes, kale chip party should DEFINITELY happen! With lots of different spices!

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