There is a spoon. And it is bent.

Sweet basil and goat cheese with strawberry creme fraiche (Photo by SeriousEats)

Once, when I was on a group trip to Italy, my friends and I decided to undertake a small experiment: Which town had the best gelato? After seriously investigating, sampling, licking, tasting, analyzing, discussing, and evaluating gelati from Firenze (Florence) to Venizia (Venice), we found the most heavenly scoops in the small city of Ravenna. It tasted so good we had trouble walking.

Back home in the US of A, we doubted being able to find those same fresh, creamy flavors. But our home town of Princeton, NJ surprised us. Though it had multiple thriving local ice cream stores already (see Thomas Sweets and Halo Pub), a new one opened: The Bent Spoon, which serves its fare out of Euro-style shallow tubs.

While it would be an appropriate (and catchy) name for a regular ice cream store, The Bent Spoon’s name is actually ironic— rather than the hard, packed ice cream available at other stores in town, theirs is soft, slatherable gelato. Their flavors are equally unexpected— strawberry ice cream with fresh berries in it, chocolate that melts you into ecstasy, and a vanilla so good that Bon Appetit calls it “standout.” They have more unusual flavors as well— including a vanilla with fleur de sel caramel that is unexpectedly addictive.

The icing on the, er, cone, is that The Bent Spoon strives to use as many locally grown and organic products as possible. No wonder it tastes so good; it’s full of sustainability!

At $3 for a small, the pricing isn’t cheap, but hey—it’s cheaper than a gallon of gas, and so much better for the community. Not to mention your taste buds.


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  1. Mmm, gelato. A cafe in Georgetown makes amazing gelato with milk and other ingredients from local farmers, and they actually often sell at the market on Sundays. I have no idea how it would stack up to The Bent Spoon (I haven’t tasted *nearly* as much gelato as you), but it’s damn tasty. And the thing about good gelato is that, even though it’s expensive, you need so much less of it to be satisfied.

    Man, now I really want gelato.

  2. Once in Salamaca, Spain we came across a funny blue ice cream called, “Pitufo”. Our books were of no use. It tasted like sugar which offered no clue. We thought perhaps we had stumbled upon a flavor so exotic as to elude all translation.

    Days later at our weekly cafe meeting with out tutor we told of our discovery and he laughed and laughed. He made us buy him a beer (to capitalize on our need to know and to prolong his amusement) before he would tell us that Pitufo was Spanish for Smurf. Now I wonder if Pitufo can be found in Princeton, NJ. 😉

    Great blog!

  3. […] Posted on December 9, 2008 by sarah As I wrote back in July, I have long been on the search for fabulous gelato. So I was thrilled when, on two recent trips, I […]

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