Sounds crazy, no?

No one I know thinks Manischewitz is good for anything except filling Elijah’s cup at Passover. But I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for it. I mean, it tastes like grape juice, but so what? Grape juice is nice. Especially if you dip a piece of challah in it, right?

But since Manischewitz is so cloyingly sweet, it really can’t be consumed like wine. Which means there is almost always some left over. So when Kerry over at Serious Eats proposed making Manischewitz into a granita, I immediately went for the half-drunk bottle that’s been sitting in the back of my parents’ kitchen cabinet.

Because we had half a bottle, we used a smaller pan, but we otherwise followed the (very basic) instructions to the letter. (Essentially, pour and freeze.) Thankfully, the smaller quantity also meant that it froze faster, so we didn’t have to wait nearly as long to taste the concoction. The results were delicious—cold, tasty grape-flavored ice with a litle kick. Martini glasses are absolutely the right thing to serve it in, as it looks very pretty against the glass.

Yes, in the end it’s just frozen Manischewitz, but somehow the formation of ice crystals dress up this overly sweet “wine” into a fun and impressive dessert.


2 Responses

  1. That sounds amazing actually! I can see it.

    Here’s another frozen thing to try that I have fun with visually; take a plastic container of some sort like an old 2 liter soda bottle with the top cut off or a little bucket of appealing shape. Put a bottle of vodka in it, pour water around, pick up twigs and leaves or flowers from the yard and freeze.

    Bring to a party and by the time you get there it will have melted enough to take it out of the plastic and set on a plate or in a bowl. you’ll now have chilled vodka in its own ice thingie, all decorated with fabulosity. I bring this to parties sometimes.,

  2. This is such a cool idea! For a minute, I was confused as to why you would put twigs and leaves in vodka, but once I got it and visualized it, I realized that it sounds awesome!! Can’t wait to bring it to the next party I go to!

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