Boston Clam Chowdah

To celebrate the end of graduate school, I was treated to a delicious dinner in downtown Boston at The Barking Crab. The drinks were strong, the atmosphere was celebratory, and the crab legs were fantastic. (Though really, there aren’t too many things that you can dip in butter and not enjoy.)

2599095821_afd623ae7bBut beyond anything else, it was the clam chowder that was spectacular. It was a cold night in December, but the soup was warm, flavorful, and unapologetically creamy. (There were lots of clams in it, too.) Seven bucks for a bowl that will cure any all-nighter.

The Boston location of The Barking Crab is on the water, and I imagine that in the summer, there’s nothing better there than a cold beer and a plate of freshly shucked oysters.

But in the winter? I’ll take the chowdah.


One Response

  1. YES… the ultimate in comfort food. i would take a bowl of chowder anyday. been dying to go back to boston for some delicious and simple seafood, will have to check out the barking crab, its food and location sound amazing.

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