Piece of cake?

When I look at recipes online—especially things that are visually stunning—I play a simple game of “could I make that?”

Not that I’m a terrible cook, but I’m a cook, not a baker, which means that I think all amounts are suggestions, and have difficulty following precise directions. So before I even think about hitting the grocery store for the required items (where do you get fondant, anyhow?), I put each recipe through the test of “Could I misread this, drop half of it on the floor, skip an ingredient, miss a line of instructions, and STILL get this right?” Basically: Is this idiot proof?

So, this, for instance, fails the test big time:

While utterly gorgeous and stunning, Bakerella’s Valentine’s Gift Box is totally beyond me. She gives blow-by-blow pictures that break down the process, and this, initially, gave me hope. Sadly, I think it would be decorating the chocolates that would kill me. I just would never get them that pretty, and that’s really key to making this a stunning cake.

These, however? THESE I COULD DO.

I can totally make them! The recipe is literally cake mix plus a few things and then cream cheese plus a few things. The recipe is here, and I am thinking about bringing them to a party with me on Friday. How cute are they!?!


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