No Umbrella Necessary

mediabinaryloaderI’m a big believer in having a drink when necessary. However, I also recognize that not everyone is able or willing to drink alcoholic drinks all the time. But whenever I’m at a party and I see someone drinking just a coke or sticking to water, it makes me sad. Why? Because it sucks being the one without an exciting drink.

So if you’re making sangria—or my favorite drink from 2008, Gordon’s Cup—for your next party, do your non-alcohol-consuming guests a favor and make them something pretty and exciting, too! Absolut has some great suggestions and recipes for different drinks for those abstaining—check out the Basil & Apple one (pictured above), it looks so yummy!

Granted, they’re doing it so that you’ll remember them when you go to make your next batch of gimlets and martinis, but I’m ok with that.


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