Quiche with Potato & Leek

Not sure how this is going to turn out yet. I’m going to a pie palooza, but decided to bring quiche instead. I figured that after a lot of sweet things something savory would be appropriate. I followed my standard quiche protocol, and used quiche and leeks for the inside. I boiled the potatoes first, but I didn’t saute the leeks. I just thought it would give it more of a tang. I eat leeks raw sometimes, so I figured that it wouldn’t be an issue. However, now I’m concerned that it’s going to be way too sharp.

And of course I made three, because I had to buy a bunch of leeks, and crusts only come in packs of two or three… I did make one with a potato crust for my gluten-free friend. I’ve done it before but never actually tried it, so we’ll see.

Update: They came out great! The tang that I was worried about wasn’t an issue at all. However, I felt like it could’ve used another flavor in it… I’m thinking ham would’ve tasted great, or maybe mushrooms. But overall, a success!


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  1. A good quiche is always appreciated and a home-made one, even more so.

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