Hypothetical Vacation

So I just discovered that I have about 5 days of vacation that I have to take before March 31 or I will lose them. I was thinking of going to Germany to visit my family in Heidelberg, but the tickets are an outrageous $800/apiece. (For mid-week travel. On economy. I called several airlines and had them price multiple things and that was the lowest.) I would have been willing to spend about $500, but $800 is out of the question.

But I still have to take those days. I could do a basic staycation, but I think that would result in me planning a lot and doing very little all week. Does anyone have any suggestions on ideas for what I should do?


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  1. I saw a good deal from Delta. $270 to San Fran, but it comes with a $200 credit good for travel through Jun 10 if you’re a frequent flier. Friends recommended a hostel that’s ~$25/ night.

  2. Joy and I are planning a trip to Montreal for February on the same time frame and a similar budget ($700 for everything – lodging, transport, food, museums). It seemed like the place to go to get “somewhere else” (i.e. somewhere other than an American city) without having to fly. There seem to be lots of efficiency hotels/short-term apartments there that will allow us to prepare some of our meals and save that way, too.

  3. (A) If you take advantage of the SF flights Tanya mentioned, you are of course welcome to crash on my couch.
    (B) Also, what about doing a Retreat & Renewal package at Kripalu? It depends which days of the week you go, but the daily rate includes all yoga classes, room, yoga classes, workshops, and most important: their super-delicious food.

  4. Well, where’d you decide? I’m going to SF March 5-8. Also, to Boston for my birthday the last weekend in April

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