Greek Corner Restaurant (Somerville, MA)

It’s been my pleasure on multiple occasions to visit the Greek Corner. My only complaint is that it’s never the seven minute walk from Porter Square that I think it is (in reality, it’s a fifteen minute walk from Porter and about a ten minute walk from Davis). But I never mind, because after the walk, the food is great.

The souvlaki sandwich with lamb is tasty—it’s got the right amount of meat and plenty of that delicious yogurt sauce. It’s $6.95 and completely filling. I also recommend the sampler plate (to share as an appetizer, or as a dinner item for one person). It has dolmathakia (stuffed grape leaves), tsatziki (that delicious yogurt sauce), a caviar-blend thing that sounds weird but tastes great (taramosalata), spinach pie, hommus, tabouleh, feta cheese, eggplant salad, and olives. Very tasty and satisfies all your varied Greek food cravings at $10.95. I’ve also had the rice pudding ($3.25), which was excellent.

All in all, a great place. Recommended for: Cheap but tasty dinners or lunches out, take-out, and groups/families.


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  1. Oh, I miss them! The sandwiches there are FANTASTIC and cheap and wonderful. I must visit as soon as possible.

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