I have a confession to make

I ate McDonald’s.

Yes, I, the foodie, the hater of the golden arches, the despiser of fast food. I ate it. And I liked it.

I was on the road late last night on the way back from a wedding and we stopped at a rest stop to grab a bite to eat. Most of the rest areas on the Mass Pike have more than one option, but this one only had McDonald’s. And I was hungry. So it was either McDonald’s or the gas station convenience store.

So I got a Southwest Salad, and my date got a grilled chicken sandwich. The first shocker was the total—over $13! I couldn’t believe I was paying double digits for something out of McDonald’s!

The food was the next surprise. My salad had a variety of mixed greens— not just iceberg. There were beans and cheese and the grilled chicken on top was moist, tender, and tasty. The nutrition info wasn’t on the box, but the website says it was 320. (I assume that doesn’t include the Newman’s Own Dressing.) Not awful. Without the chicken it would’ve been 140. Pretty reasonable. And they were good calories, too— lean protein, black beans, corn, and tomato. Was it as healthy as what I would’ve made at home? No. There was a cilantro lime glaze that was basically a vehicle for sugar, and there were 960 mg of sodium (810 of which were from the chicken alone).

I’m also still not satisfied with McDonald’s sourcing (i.e., their chicken probably does not live a happy, squawking life outdoors), and nothing about the meal was organic, but honestly, in terms of price, quality, and nutrition value, it was probably just as bad any other fast food salad offering. Which is to say the best of a bad thing.


One Response

  1. BUT!!! You went to McDonalds and got a SALAD. This does not qualify for feeling guilty. I mean, your feelings are valid of course but I REFUTE your claim. Now if you had three big macs and a gallon of fries, we might have to have a talk.

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