Magnificent Muffins

Last month, a quorum of city slicker apple pickers went and overdosed on nature. In my house, we went really overboard and picked a 20-lb bag of apples and pears. They’ve been living in our fridge ever since.

Now, apples and pears can live an awful long while in the fridge. So there is still a good bunch of them in there, despite our the fruit addition to our daily lunches. So I went hunting for things to do with them, and I found smitten kitchen’s recipe for whole wheat apple muffins. They are delicious!

We’ve messed with the recipe quite a bit—substituted pears for apples, mixed pears and apples together, put the brown sugar on top, forgotten and put it in the muffins, etc. I’m sure you could mess with it more by making it all whole wheat and brown sugar (she does half wheat/white flour and half brown/white sugar). But either way they’re delish. They also keep well, so if you wanted to make a batch at the beginning of the week and have them for breakfast each morning, you could. Except you might want to also eat them before then.


One Response

  1. They are Magnificent!!! Thanks for the great idea on how to use up some apples in a relatively healthy and tasty way!!!

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