Kaffee und Kuchen (Speyer, Germany)

There is something seriously wrong with this country: We don’t believe in kaffee und kuchen. We Americans indulge ourselves in a post-work happy hour drink, sharing a beer with our colleagues. But it’s not the same as the 4pm sit down that Germans have with a cup of strong coffee and a delicious piece of cake. It comes right at that “I wish I had something sweet…” time. Shopping and need a pick me up? Need a quick break from your work or studies? Looking for an excuse to sit down and chat in the middle of the day? Kaffee und kuchen is there for you to sit down and caffeinate up.

Kaffee und kuchen is most common on Saturdays or Sundays, but if you walk into, say, Cafe Hindenburg on a Tuesday afternoon, you will find it packed with little old ladies sharing cake, coffee, and gossip.

And this is not your saccharin, achingly sweet cake that you get in the US. This is not the boring dry iced stuff you get at the grocery store or, god forbid, at a wedding reception. This is CAKE. It is serious. It is large. It is amazing. On this particular day, the three of us had a chocolate cake, a berry torte, and a cheese cake. They were all delicious.

kaffee und kuchen cafe hindenburg speyer germany

cafe hindenburg speyer germany


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