Free good karma! Act now!

So, dear readers. It has come to this.

My dear fiancee and I are in a contest. It’s on Facebook.

vote for us! we're cute!

Despite our best efforts, we are losing. (As it turns out, going into a Facebook contest against a school teacher is not a fabulous idea, what with her being surrounded by little adoring Facebook accounts all day.)

it's hard to beat this.

We have tried a lot to win. I have plastered my entire social network, from Facebook to LinkedIn to Twitter. We’ve written emails. We’ve made phone calls. We’ve even canvassed the very, very rainy Boston Pride and Dyke March with flyers and candy in an effort to generate more votes from the core queer demographic.

it's amazing what homos will do for a dum dum

But we are still behind. Now, would it be the end of the world if we didn’t win? No. Life would go on. Our wedding would still happen. But we like winning. And we like saving money. So we still want to win.

we feel an alliance with him suddenly

So I am asking for your help. In the off-chance that you haven’t voted, will you please vote? If you have, would you consider inviting your friends to vote? It takes 20 seconds, and you don’t have to sacrifice your Facebook soul or privacy to do it.

Everyone who votes gets free virtual gay cupcakes.

gay! cupcakes! gay!

Please, do it for the cupcakes.

*If you liked the format of this post, you’d probably like the blog Effing Dykes, from which I have blatantly borrowed the concept.

5 Responses

  1. im pretty sure the school teacher definately deserves to win more than you, if your only in it for victory, and like you said, your wedding will still go on if you lose.

    • Thanks for your thoughts. Deserving is a very subjective word. From what I see, Ash and Ben do really excellent work in their lives and they seem like great people. So maybe they do deserve to win. However, they also have the privilege of having their marriage recognized legally across the US. Catherine and I don’t have that. Thanks to the discriminatory legislation called DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), we’ll be treated like second class citizens at the national level.

      What does that mean in practicality? It means that we can be denied things like access health insurance, social security benefits, hospital visitation rights, ability to make end-of-life decisions, being able to file taxes jointly (a headache like you would not believe), inheriting money, etc. The New York Times estimated that not having a marriage legally recognized at the federal level could cost a same-sex couple almost half a million dollars in lifetime costs!

      So while it might seem silly for us to get a photographer for a wedding we know we’ll be able to make happen anyhow, our marriage is almost guaranteed to cost us more in the long run, so it would mean a lot to us to win this contest. So in some ways you could say we deserve to win, too.

      (Although I have to confess, it would mean a lot more to us if we could just overturn DOMA!)

  2. Oh no! Is their wedding going to be canceled if they cannot get free photography!?

  3. Sarah, your reply is very eloquent. If you don’t win this contest, I hope that at the very least, the future children of you and Catherine and me and Steve grow up in a world where sexual orientation is a non-issue when it comes to marriage laws. You wouldn’t believe how easy it was for me to pick up my marriage license…I could have had it signed by a random male stranger!! That infuriated me. Couples in love are couples in love. I’m routing for you two, here and always!

  4. How seriously can you take a comment that doesn’t use the correct form of “your” as in it should be “if you’re only.” Oh well, ignorance is a virtue nowadays.

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