Truffle Love: Boston’s Terramia

It is my wont to spend New Year’s eve eating a ridiculously good meal at a price I normally couldn’t afford. I don’t like to really eat like that the rest of the year, but New Year’s is special. Plus, New Year’s often has so much hype that I like to plan something unflappably good. For me, an amazing, special meal is always a good experience.

This year, I chose Terramia, a small and cozy Italian restaurant in Boston’s North End that had solidly good reviews but that wasn’t exorbitant. (In my mind, any meal that costs more than $100 per person before drinks and tips is exorbitant.) They had a prix fixe menu of four courses, including prosecco and an amuse bouche.

I know some people don’t like prix fixe menus, but they appeals to me in two ways. One, I know from working in a restaurant that prix fixe meals make things a lot easier on staff, which I feel pretty good about on a holiday that everyone celebrates. Secondly, I like being surprised! There are always things on a prix fixe menu that I wouldn’t choose for myself, but I tend to like almost anything, and I like the idea that the chef has given thought to exciting combinations for me.

In the case of Terramia, many of the courses had a choice, so my date and I swore solemnly that we would not order any of the same things, so as to be able to taste as many options as possible. It made choosing the wine tricky, but the meal was phenomenal.

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