Study Guide

I’m one of those people who has a hard time concentrating at home. And if I’m going to leave the house, there’d better be caffeination at my destination. So, after two semesters, here are the best cafes for studying in the Porter Square-ish area, with or without your computer:

Zing (inside Porter Square Books)
You’ll love it for…
their quirky, cheerful staff, Equal Exchange coffee, addictive Vietnamese soft rolls, scones from Petsi Pies, and oversized mugs.
Best time to go: Around 5 pm on weekdays. The working crowd is usually on its way out by then, and you’ll beat the rush on the free wireless internet (comes on at 6 pm). Stick around til closing (usually 8 or 9 pm) and you’ll probably walk out with some free baked goods.
You should know, though, that the location is tiny and it can be hard to get a seat (though turnover is usually pretty good if you’re willing to wait it out). And make sure to bring cash, because the cafe doesn’t take plastic. Also, those addictive Vietnamese soft rolls? Gone by 2 pm.

Simon’s Coffee (1736 Massachusetts Ave, between Harvard & Porter)
You’ll love it for… the excellent taste in overhead music, expertly-pulled coffee, oddly-shaped layout, and decent choice of food items (for when coffee’s not enough).
Best time to go: Early on a weekend morning or almost anytime during the week. The tables by the window offer the best chance of picking up an outside wireless signal. (Simon’s offers wireless, but for a fee. That said, it’s super reliable.)
You should know, though, that it’s a small place. That said, it’s open til 9 or 10 pm (except during the winter), so it’s a great choice for all hours of the day.

True Grounds (Ball Square at Broadway & Willow)
You’ll love it for… the comfy couches, free wireless, cozy atmosphere, and good selection of both coffee and food. And the fact that there’s always an outlet for when your battery dies!
Best time to go: Whenever college students are unlikely to be there– so, early mornings or Mondays.
You should know, though, that it’s kind of a schlep (15 minute walk) from the Davis or Porter T-stops.

Diesel Cafe (Davis Square)
You’ll love it for… the hipster atmosphere, the people watching, and the tasty sandwiches and baked goods. There’s a fairly studious vibe in the back, but it’s also a good place to meet a friend and catch up. Outlets are generally available.
Best time to go: weekdays.
You should know, though, that it tends to be crowded. Also, the drinks tend to be a little pricey. Not suitable for group work unless you can finagle a coveted booth.

Petsi Pies (285 Beacon Street, near Star Market)
You’ll love it for… the amazing array of baked goods, and the open wifi signals you can pick up from the surrounding neighborhood.
Best time to go: weekends.
You should know, though, that the four tables they have are usually taken on a weekday morning. But your roommates will love you if you bring home some pie!

The Wheels on the Bus Go… faster, cheaper, and with WiFi?

We interrupt this mostly-food, a little bit travel blog to bring you some very important travel information:

Greyhound Bus company (you know, the one with the over-priced tickets, slow buses, overbooked coaches– essentially hell on wheels) has placed an application for redemption. It’s called BoltBus.

BoltBus will go between Boston & NYC and NYC & DC and will feature:

+ guaranteed seats
+ fares starting at $1
+ WiFi internet
+ power outlets
+ more legroom

(I think they had me at “guaranteed seats.”)

The catch to all of this? You have to buy your tickets online. (Riiiight…)

Reference: “Here comes the bus,” Boston Globe, March 10, 2008